What is ReNew?

Introduction to ReNew

ReNew is a new division of Stoane Lighting that has been set up to formalise the increased interest in repair or upgrade requirements. Our products are designed so that they can easily be disassembled, have internal components replaced, upgraded and eventually parts recycled.

Take the Track Type X for example. This was a very high quality, high specification track mounted spot light built specifically with museums in mind and there are thousands of them across the UK and beyond. They are robust and beautiful but the technology inside, that was the very best at the time, will now have a more advanced sibling. The fitting itself, with all its intricate components, will function in the same way as it did when first installed. It may need a clean and a paint touch up but our point is that instead of buying, making and shipping new, we can ReNew.

There are many reasons why a client (likely via the original specifier) may wish to consider our ReNew service:

  • General repair, deep clean, possible repaint, electrical safety checks
  • Replace components that will be nearing end of life (especially LEDs but also drivers)
  • Efficacy improvements in LEDs, drivers and optics
  • If the luminaires are to be used in a new area or the existing one is to undergo a change in use, perhaps a different mounting method or light technical performance is sought (colour tune, etc.)
  • Addition of luminaire based wireless control
  • Demonstrable environmental impact reduction when compared to replacing luminaires with new

As an additional service, impact reductions in carbon terms can be quantified by using the TM65 methodology and comparing ReNew activities with the hypothetical like for like replacement of the original or equivalent spec. Please contact [email protected] with questions or to learn more.

Once we bring your fittings back to life, we’ll start a brand new 5 year warranty. Any unwanted parts will be recycled and we’ll be happy to know that we haven’t needlessly pulled more material out of the ground when there was an opportunity to ReNew.

We have experience of many upgrade requests across our luminaire staples (LED and halogen) over the last 10 years but also custom products. We would be happy to discuss the best approach for you or your client’s case, whether on site or a factory repair.

designing the zta for the circular economy

We have prepared a detailed paper showing how our ZTA range has been designed with the Circular Economy in mind. The paper explores the materials we use, where they come from (and how many km), our 25 year Duty of Care and how the fittings can be upgraded at any stage of their life cycle.

READ: Designing the ZTA for the Circular Economy.

what is a circular economy?

A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional ‘take, make, waste’ linear economy in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible via repair, repurposing, upgrading, etc., to extract their maximum value. Recovering and regenerating components and materials at the end of a product’s life constitutes the final circle.

our approach to circular economy

Stoane Lighting luminaires are designed for long life. They have a full warranty for 5 years and we agree to a duty of care for a further 20 years. The foundation to this is the deployment of Circular Economy principles in product design and the provision of a repair / upgrade service.

1. Product: flexibility in luminaire design (multiple fixing holes, ample leeway with mechanical space and thermals) and components made in-house or locally sourced allow for repair to original specification of upgrade with light qualities, beam width, control options or mounting methodology.

2. Service: we can carry out luminaire upgrades in our factory; in fact we have been doing so since 2003. What if a factory return is impossible? We now have a mobile workshop which can travel to an end-user where down time is an issue, with a suite of luminaires to swap over temporality. We simply make the necessary repairs in our mobile workshop then swap back again.

Partners in ReNew

The following Stoane Lighting partners are working along with us to provide the fullest possible range of repair, extend and upgrade options.

Xicato: "Xicato is committed to partnering with Stoane Lighting and their recently launched ReNew program in support of the principles behind today's circular economy. Xicato will work closely with Stoane Lighting and our customers to meet their product, service and price requirements to make the upgrades needed as part of the ReNew program."

eldoLED: "eldoLED fully supports the ingenious ReNew program Stoane Lighting has created. eldoLED continually strives to enable beautiful light for the lighting consumer and Stoane Lighting will ensure this happens today and tomorrow."

LEDiL: "The Stoane Lighting Renew program has LEDiL’s full commitment and support. An important, innovative and leading initiative that runs parallel with LEDiL's latest product developments designed to allow simpler fixture design and easy product upgrade."