King's Award for Enterprise

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Winning two King’s Awards for Enterprise is something the team at Stoane Lighting is very proud of. Seeking acknowledgement for both Sustainable Development and for Innovation in the same year was extremely ambitious. However, we felt strongly that neither one was as impactful without the other.

Stoane Lighting began trading in 1995 and has since evolved into the specialist manufacturer we are today; providing sustainability leadership and influence within the lighting industry. As an employee owned, certified B Corp, we operate to extremely high standards and a core company purpose: making things way better by making things a better way.

The Sustainable Development prize acknowledges our sustainable practices, leadership and commitment to driving positive change within the lighting industry.

Our award for Innovation recognises ZTA; a high performing, flexible, pioneering product family suitable for a multitude of project applications. It is designed for the circular economy and for lowest environmental impact, responding directly to calls for truly sustainable, long lasting, re-manufacturable equipment.

It is an honour to be recognised at such a high level. This hard won and rare double achievement acknowledges that we are heading in the right direction, from the forefront of the lighting industry’s sustainability conversation. There is plenty work still to be done, but such recognition certainly inspires and energises us to keep moving forwards.

It would be impossible to operate the way that we do without the fantastic team of hard working individuals we have at Stoane Lighting, spanning a broad array of talents. By working to our “quadrant” design guide, incorporating luminaire technical performance, appeal, environmental impact and longevity, and remaining free of greedy external shareholders, we are able to navigate a path of our choosing, that aims to balance People, Planet and Profit. We aim to run a successful and resilient business that offers product and services that are a pleasure to engage with, are rewarding to provide, and that do so in the most conscientious way that we can. These aspirations are only possible when we are able to garner the trust of lighting professionals and ultimately, customers. we are perpetually grateful for the faith placed in us by lighting designers, architects, engineers and others who specify our equipment – none of this can happen without you.

We continue to challenge greenwash and innovate luminaire design for circularity and lowest environmental impact, as well as providing pioneering support to the industry through various initiatives. We are committed to driving positive change and setting new standards for sustainability, whilst still designing relevant equipment, relishing the making, and celebrating the collaborations. Ultimately: enjoying our contribution to awe-inspiring projects around the world, delivered as responsibly as possible.