We've been working with Earthly, a fellow B Corp that helps companies balance their carbon impact. We’ve been busy counting our carbon scope I, II and III impact and have recently chosen to offset via three of Earthly’s recommended Verra Verified Carbon Standard projects. Find out more here:


Earlier in the year we signed up to the Net Zero 2030 campaign, a B Corp initiative recognised under the broader United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) platform aiming at net zero emissions by 2050.

Since 2020 (the year we had to count) was a bit of an odd one, we’ve over accounted aspects to do with distribution in order to compensate for other areas being unusually low (e.g. travel).

Of course carbon will likely always be involved in manufacturing to some extent, but we’ll continue to make improvements on both product and process, do it responsibly, design for the Circular Economy and build to last.