Build Back Better Awards

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We’re delighted to share that ZTA has won double in the lighting category at the Build Back Better Awards! Launched to uncover and celebrate innovation in the built environment: “post-pandemic, we realise that we’ll need spaces that better reflect our changed priorities.”

Competing in product, ZTA landed both top prizes which we’re told is a “unique feat”. Platinum is awarded to exceptional exemplars with potential to transform and disrupt their sector whilst Green is awarded for outstanding commitment to Circular Economy and sustainability principles. We’re so pleased that ZTA has received this level of recognition.

It’s no accident that for a good while now we’ve been focussing our attention on the subject of the Circular Economy. As a producer of goods, we accept that our activities have an impact. We are taking responsibility and trying to drive change.

The ZTA product range might be the face of our circularity approach but many of our sustainability principles have existed since [Mike] Stoane Lighting began: modular design, different luminaire ranges sharing components, build to last, build to be repairable and of course, build quality.

Having a serviceable product is only one half of the story. A successful Circular Economy needs the service part too, and that’s where ReNew comes in.


To add to our excitement of ZTA winning both top prizes at the Build Back Better Awards, ReNew went and done the same!

Alongside other industry initiatives, including CIBSE/Society of Light and Lighting’s new Technical Memorandum TM66, ReNew also bagged both top prizes, winning Platinum and Green.

ReNew was set up to formalise the repair and upgrade area of our business. It’s something we’ve always done, and quite easily since our products are designed and built to be maintained and remanufactured.

We want to take care of our customers and take responsibility for our old kit out in the field. We’re pleased to have found an increased interest in upgrade requirements, proving the Circular Economy in action.

At the end of their serviceable life, we aim to make a case for upgrading instead of throwing out for something new. Our fittings are robust and beautiful but we understand the technology inside will inevitably advance. The product itself, with all its intricate components, will function in the same way as it did when first installed. It may need a clean and a paint touch up but the point is that instead of buying, making and shipping new, we can ReNew. It is an honest approach to put an end to the traditional take, make, waste Linear Economy of our industry.

ReNew is supported by our 5 year warranty and further 20 year duty of care commitment. It’s our promise to look after our equipment long into the future, to help them last as long as possible and to facilitate a Circular Economy approach.