ReNew: TTX2.70.Mini

Watch as an 8 year old TTX2.70.Mini is given some ReNew attention. Instead of making new, we had the opportunity to upgrade this one to include wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) control. Work carried out includes:

  • XTM module out of warranty and at end of useful life, still working but predicted colour shift/lumen depreciation called for action
  • LED driver replaced
  • XTM and driver recycled appropriately
  • XTM replaced with XIM, allowing added technology benefits
  • Opportunity taken to look at upgraded optic, optic technology has improved significantly
  • Electrical safety checks
  • Mechanical inspection
  • Product clean
  • Light source and Driver replacement coupled with inspection , clean and test allows us to reset warranty for another 5 years, still they have another 15 years duty of care remaining… in all likelihood we would still look to support beyond that period