Murrayfield Church, Edinburgh

  • Lighting Design: EFLA | Kevan Shaw Lighting Design

Edinburgh West’s Murrayfield Parish Church’s cruciform building built in the early 1900s and was extensively renovated in 2005. The church’s forward vision sought further restoration and so the team at EFLA | Kevan Shaw Lighting Design started work on upgrading the lighting. This was then installed last summer.

Alongside supplying some new high powered custom bar mounted spot lights required at high level to brighten the Chancel, we also gave the ReNew treatment to some Low Voltage halogen Garlands that we supplied to the project back in 2007. Manufacturing in house means we can remake any component even if delisted. So hand us back a 15 year old fitting? Easy.

With the same ReNew principles, we were challenged to refurbish the church’s pendants from the Nave and Chapel that we believe are the original lights installed when the church was built. A wealth of experience and in-house fabrication facilities enable us to work across a wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques, allowing us to bring these brass pendants up to date and fit for 2022. Electrical cabling, lamp holders, glass shades and the brass structure were salvaged where possible, restored, cleaned, rewired, tested, safety checked, certified to CE, quality checked and ready for the design team to add in their light source of choice: high output, frosted, dim to warm filament B22 lamps.

We used CIBSE’s TM65: Embodied Carbon in Building Services: A Calculation Methodology to calculate an estimated impact of ReNewing these pendants vs buying new. 2,040 kgCO2e was saved. This figure demonstrates the opportunity our industry could seize if ReNew is considered above making new.

Our in-house or on-site ReNew service formalises an area of our business that has always existed: to keep equipment in use for as long as possible by repairing and upgrading. Implicit circular design principles make this pretty straightforward. Many have asked if we can repair others’ equipment too, if support is no longer available. The answer is “sometimes.”