Chandelier Refurbishment

One of our early customers got in touch to say he thinks he may have overloaded two chandeliers we made for him back in 2002 (yes, 18 years ago!). He loves them and would really like them fixed if possible. Rather than sell him new fittings we offered to give the old ones a service and upgrade: the crux of our ReNew service.

Upon receiving the chandeliers, it became clear that despite the knackered transformers, dust and cobwebs, there wasn't much wrong.

We replaced the transformers, added custom fuses (an additional safety feature we added about 16 years ago), trued the chandelier rings, checked fixings were tight and cleaned away the dusty webs. We did need to make a few custom aluminium spacers; in true ReNew style these were made from some flat bar off cuts we had lying around.

The only waste from this job were the two toroidal transformers and some cardboard packaging, both of which have been recycled.

We hope they will last even longer now… so long as the owner doesn't try to overload the transformers again!

The images show halogen lamps. They still work (if you can find them) as do LED retrofits but be careful, there are a lot of poor quality LED ones out there. Just as if you'd like us to vet them for you: [email protected].