Château de Versailles

  • Lighting Design: Les Éclairagistes Associés
  • Photography: Joseph Frey

Stoane Lighting worked with the fantastic team at Les Éclairagistes Associés from 2014 to supply over 300 bespoke flood lights to the gardens of the Château de Versailles.

The Platypus used a rectangular super high output LED module with wall wash reflectors. Unfortunately these modules were later discontinued and are now no longer supported. In order for us to uphold our 20 year duty of care pledge, we needed to work out a replacement light source for a small number of fittings. We worked with our suppliers to develop a new light source with technical performance as close as possible to the original.

Joseph Frey, Lighting Designer:

“As designers we wish our schemes to be immaculate and untouched from day one until forever. The reality is that equipment in use will age, will suffer wear and tear and will suffer misuse and accidents. Clever design decisions, good equipment choice, responsible installation and regular surveillance are in reality probably as close as we can expect to get to perfection. Even then there will be unforeseen challenges and unfortunately in this case, the project suffered lightning strikes, depredation from wildlife and parts becoming de-listed.

With no means to repair or upgrade a scheme, it can rapidly deteriorate or become inconsistent in appearance. A refreshingly positive example of circularity principles in action was Stoane Lighting stepping in to not only refurbish these luminaires to their original quality, but also design and produce a brand new, more efficient LED module to replace the one that has since been delisted. This secures the quality of our design long into the future.”

Left: old module. Right: new module.