MEPS (February 2023)

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The latest arc magazine is live! In this brilliant issue, the GreenLight Alliance column focuses in on proposed changes to the current Ecodesign regulations, now to include Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS).

Authored by Dave, he asks the question, β€œToo much of a good thing?” and with the help of Ali, Roger and opinion from respected figures across the industry, finds an answer: read here.

The article discusses how the changes might affect manufacturers like us, specifiers like you, the opportunities and the unintended consequences.

The current Ecodesign regulations were introduced in October 2021. It targeted two primary areas: to make sure LED lamps and gear should be replaceable with commonly available tools (easy!) and to set out minimum efficacies of LED lamps. This proposed amendment goes even further. Whilst it is undoubtedly important to support efforts to reduce the environmental impact associated with lighting, we consider this latest proposal to be detrimental to our industry.

This is because it places an unreasonable efficacy expectation on LED light sources. An unacceptable number of very high quality, high CRI, low CCT, small diameter COBs in particular would be lost. Impacted will be innovation in areas including lighting for human health and reducing the impact of lighting in nature i.e. dark skies.