Ali and the LIA visit AO

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Ali (our Director and Head of Development) is Vice Chair of the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) Technical Committee Sustainability and within it chair of Task Force Assessment.

The committee works on behalf of LIA members to monitor and influence regulatory developments, to map sustainability initiatives and metrics, respond to consultations and produce guidance for members associated with sustainability in lighting. The committee holds regular meetings to deal with this huge and ever increasing, ever more important aspect in the context of the lighting industry. Their most recent meeting was kindly hosted by AO at their plastics recycling facility in Telford. The committee were offered a tour of their seriously impressive facility which recovers plastics from domestic appliances picked up by AO (and only after it being deemed unsuitable for re-use). The plastics can be separated, cleaned and even sorted by colour to create a plastics reuse resource which can be sold back to appliance manufacturers to make new appliances. It is inspiring to see other industries recovering products, and making efforts to re-use them before disassembly and recovery of waste for circular business models.

Whilst Stoane Lighting explore use of their own manufacturing waste and have developed products to do just that, this was a thought provoking and valuable visit