Making the Earth Connection

“Making The Earth Connection” is our spin on Patagonia’s “Buy Less, Demand More”. The principles are the same: consider the implications of your choices, hold to account those that you opt for.

Are we ‘doing better’? By putting ourselves under the scrutiny of B Lab during our B Corp application we answered over 200 questions before passing the bar. They cover a huge range of things, from the average length of our supplier relationships, our Zero Waste commitment, to our Employee Ownership model (where the employee trust owns 62.2% of the business).

Our Employee Ownership model sits on the foundations of our values and purpose: making things way better, by making things a better way. That statement remains very true today, as we strive to improve the business’ impact on one another, our community, customers and planet.

We all recycle our cardboard now, without second thought, or take our own bags to the shops. However, decisions we make in our working life can often have a dramatically larger impact. We should all do both.

Our approach is to produce a technically superior, well-engineered product that is made specifically for your project, with materials that have been responsibly sourced. We aim to make everything maintainable. When the product comes to the end of its first life, give it back to us and we’ll ReNew it. We won’t throw it away and make another one, using all the same materials. We will try and make a case for its renovation/upgrade. Then we’ll strip it down, recycle the parts that need replacing and bring it back to life.

Join us in this important movement. Feel better about initiating new product for new places, to make beautiful new spaces. Seek opportunities to ReNew rather than buy new. Demand that we honour our 5 year warranty and further 20 year duty of care. Help us honour our pledge: to use our business as a force for good, to create benefit for all stakeholders.