What is ReNew?

A new division of Stoane Lighting called ReNew has been set up to help deal with any repair or upgrade requirements.

Reasons why a client may consider ReNew:

  • General repair, deep clean, possible repaint, electrical safety checks.
  • Replace components that will be nearing end of life, especially drivers but also LEDs. The best LED modules will be at or approaching a 70% lumen depreciation after 10 years of usage, with a colour point shift across an installation of 3SDCM. For our own in-house testing on LED modules please click here.
  • Efficacy improvements in LEDs, drivers and optics.
  • If the luminaires are to be used in a new area or the exiting one is to undergo a change in use, then maybe a different mounting methodology or light technical performance (CRI / CCT / Flux / beam width) is sought.
  • Addition of luminaire based wireless control.

We have experience of many upgrade requests across our luminaire staples (LED and halogen) over the last 10 years but also custom products, like this one. We would be happy to discuss the best approach for your case, whether on site or a factory repair.

Designing for the Circular Economy

We have prepared a detailed paper showing how our ZTA range has been designed with the Circular Economy in mind. The paper explores the materials we use, where they come from (and how many km), our 25 year Duty of Care and how the fittings can be upgraded at any stage of their life cycle.

READ: Designing the ZTA for the Circular Economy.

ReNew in Arc Magazine

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