Pipien and Billet: A Commuter's Test

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One of our Development team boffins has been working on the very final stages of Pipien’s quality control. He commutes to work by bike a couple of days a week and was interested to see how Pipien, joined by our magnetic Billet, stood up to a bit of abuse. The commute is around 11 miles each way and is mostly off road, through the bottom of the Pentland Hills and along the Water of Leith at Colinton Village, subjecting the wee Pipien and Billet to lots of vibration, knocks and bumps.

It’s also rather muddy and if the last week had anything to go by, very wet too. The trail is part river and part track in places, wet enough to require the emptying of excess shoe water. If that isn’t enough, he chose run it at a slightly higher drive current than what we rate it to; in reality a moving Pipien can shed more heat due to increased airflow but this little guy was ran at 1A, double its intended supply to subject it to a bit of extra stress. We’re glad to see it passed this test. As the nights draw in and the Scottish winter arrives, it’ll see a bit more action.