100 Liverpool Street

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  • Lighting Design: Speirs Major
  • Photography: James Newton Photographs

This chandelier, designed with the acclaimed Speirs Major, measures a whopping 14.5m in length. We gather it is the largest chandelier ever constructed in the UK and came out of our workshop in Edinburgh.

Nicknamed ‘The Cloud’, the enormous feature providing texture and volume, greets those that enter the atrium space of 100 Liverpool Street, a redevelopment in the heart of central London.

Eighty 2.25m long perforated aluminium curved panels hang from twelve sections that make up the oval. They are polished on the inside and painted matt white on the outside, offering a different reflective effect depending on how it’s viewed. Each section is individually powered and in total sports eighty individually controlled spot lights. The spot lights use a colour tunable LED and a 33º beam, responsible for functional and ambient light within the wide open area.

Surprisingly we still had some space in the workshop to make lights for other areas of the project too. Another bespoke pendant (just 2m this time) can be found in the North lobby and custom linear fittings based on our LED Goal can be found in the café alongside uplights and more perforated decorative blades in the ceiling.

Working with an uncompromising design team to turn a challenging concept like this into reality is often the most exciting part of a project. This is a great example of the convergence of vision, technology, patience and precision.

At the 2022 RIBA awards, 100 Liverpool Street collected RIBA London Award 2022, RIBA London Client of the Year Award 2022, RIBA National Award 2022 and was shortlisted for the Stirling Prize 2022.