Meet the Team

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Dave - Managing Director

Dave took the helm in 2012. A childhood fascination with all things making or material destined him for the broad-spectrum all-encompassing world that is Stoane Lighting. A designer by training Dave is a jack-of-all-trades supported by a team of experts in the necessary specialisations. A closet hippy; when not thinking about lights Dave and his lurcher can be spotted running away to the woods. It’s no coincidence that sustainable manufacturing is high up the SL agenda.

Ali - Director, Head of Development

Ali heads up our team of boffins working on new product development, working with new technologies and parts to help us provide technical solutions to the varied briefs we are given. He doesn’t like to be beaten on finding a solution for a project, the answer is almost always “YES, just give me a while to work out how” When he isn’t here he will be on his bike, on something floating, in the woods or in his garage making stuff. At the moment he is building a boat.

Steve - General Manager

Steve is right at the heart of our company with the perhaps unenviable task of making sure it all comes together and the lights go out the door on time. With many hats on, Steve has worked several positions during his time at Stoane Lighting. He thrives on getting his hands dirty in production but also in aiding IT, 3D design and unblocking the sink. When not here Steve will be working outside with his dogs or blacksmithing in his garage...not wearing any hats.

Ruairidh - Head of Specifier Support

Ruairidh heads up our Specifier Support team, driven by the creative diversity of the projects we work on he listens intently to what our customers want and with his team try and find the perfect solution to each project. Ruairidh has a keen eye for detail and when he isn't here, he can usually be found heading for the hills with his camera in hand. His work has most recently been featured at the Royal Scottish Academy.

Roger - Business Development

Roger has worked in the industry since 1988 for two companies: Philips and Xicato. He has held various positions including within a lighting application laboratory and within a global business development team, generally defining, trialing and spreading awareness of technical product specifications within the context of single projects or platform launches. He is a Fellow of the Society of Light and Lighting. Roger joined Stoane Lighting in 2020 and brings this experience to bear in his role as Odd Job Man. Outside of the lighting sphere Roger is to be found in art galleries, jazz clubs or, when he can manage it, up mountains.

Mandy - Company Secretary and Accounts Manager

Mandy crunches the numbers, pays the wages, the bills and keeps us all straight. Her dog Luna runs rings round her and is maybe the only one that doesn’t do what Mandy tells them to. Her love of numbers doesn't stop at Stoane Lighting, out of hours she can sometimes be found in her local bingo hall.

Lukasz - Senior Project Manager "Specials"

Lukasz is our main specials man, a seasoned Project Manager and the guy who deals with the weird and wonderful, helping it to become a reality. His passion for big bolts, spanners and hammers makes him most suited to tackle the heavier weight stuff, but intricate and technical aspects are the second-best thing. His choice in terrifying T-shirts belies the fact he spends most of his spare time building doll’s houses as a doting dad. To charge his batteries he gets lost in a forest on his bike.