Xicato Module Introduction

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The Xicato Module solves lots of the problems that remain with power LEDs; by separating the phosphors from the chips, a more consistent colour is achieved. By mixing the light from several chips in a mixing chamber, a single light source with up to 5000lm output is created, with no multiple shadowing. It's already a great product but Xicato are striving to make further improvements in efficiency and colour rendering all the time; with the "Artist Series" as their highest spec module. To find out more about the latest developments and detailed spec of all the modules available, visit www.xicato.com.

As 'Xtra Partners' we have a close working relationship with Xicato. Our products that use Xicato modules go through their Thermal Validation Program, a series of tests which when passed mean the fitting is compliant with the terms of their 5 Year Colour Consistency and Lumen Maintenance Warranty'. This ensures the customer's confidence in lasting uniformity and reliability of the product's lit effect.

While other companies produce light engines based on remote phosphor technology, we use Xicato exclusively. For us the build quality, demonstrable reliability, colour and output consistency of their modules mark Xicato as industry leaders. They have hundreds of thousands of modules in field use with virtually no returns, and their Colour Consistency Warranty means they promise for five years what other manufacturers will quote as an initial spec