G3.2 High Output Strip

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  • LEDsat 1.79mm centres/ 280 LEDs per 500mm strip
  • Light output2702lm/m
  • Power consumption31.2W/m
  • CRI RaMin. 90
  • Colour temperature2700K, 3000K or 4000K


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Our LED strip is available in 25mm, 100mm, 200mm and 500mm sections. Depending on the length of the LED strip based product, we may use different lengths of strip.

  • 2700K (50mm section)862907
  • 2700K (100mm section)862839
  • 2700K (200mm section)860969
  • 2700K (500mm section)860906
  • 3000K (50mm section)865386
  • 3000K (100mm section)865363
  • 3000K (200mm section)865322
  • 3000K (500mm section)865146
  • 4000K (50mm section)865524
  • 4000K (100mm section)865517
  • 4000K (200mm section)865510
  • 4000K (500mm section)865503