We predominantly use two types of paint:

Powder paint - This is our preferred finish on most products as it is tough and durable. It is also suitable for exterior use. We carry a few different RAL colours in stock. Our standard gloss level is 30%, on most RAL colours. If you spec matt black this comes in 5% gloss.

If we don't have the RAL colour you're after in stock we can source it for an additional fee. Where possible, for exterior fittings, we powder coat over commercial satin anodising for maximum durability.

Wet paint - Is less durable but has a crisper, sharper finish. It is only suitable for interior use. It is possible to have wet paint mixed to match nearly any colour. This is often a more affordable option if you are only looking for small quantities.

Some of our smaller, especially exterior products are not suited to painting due to the intricate masking involved and potential compromise to the ingress protection. In some cases for small fittings a supplement may be charged for painting to cover the cost of masking intricate components which is very time consuming.