We use four main types of anodising.

Commercial - This is a standard finish and is available in Satin (clear) and black.

Organic colour - Is a non standard finish suitable only for interior use. Dyes can be mixed to match to a sample colour provided. There is a set up cost per run.

Hard anodising - This is a more durable finish compared to commercial anodising and is suitable for exterior use. Available in satin (clear) and black. The finish tends to be a little darker than commercial anodising.

Anolok/Sandalor - This is not strictly speaking an anodising process. However, it is exterior rated so colour wont fade over time as it might with organic colour anodising. There are only a limited selection colors available and there can be long lead times as well as a large minimum order cost. See link for Analok/sandalor colour chart click