DMX is also referred to as a Digital Multiplexed Signal, it is a control protocol in which a DMX controller communicates with and controls DMX devices. It is not just used for lighting and has its roots in the theatre world. We can offer DMX controllable drivers for most LED fittings. It is often used for the more complicated of control scenarios where there are large numbers of fittings or LEDs within fittings that need to be controlled (such as RGB applications).

It can offer you up to 512 independently controllable addresses in what is referred to as a DMX universe. It requires a single pair of wires in a cable with a shield.

You assign DMX addresses to each DMX driver so that the controller can tell each light fitting what to do. Duplicating addresses is not a problem and is quite common. It is often much less complicated if these addresses can be assigned by us to save time and confusion on site so we will ask you to consider addressing and specify addresses on our approval drawings.

In order to guarantee the stability of the network, to protect against flickering etc., there are several dos and don'ts. Call us up and explain your application and we would be happy to talk you through them and give you a few points to consider.