This protocol, Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), was always intended as a lighting control protocol. We offer most fittings with DALI driver options.

It can only offer you up to 64 DALI addresses on one control line (making it less useful for the more complicated schemes) but it is typically a more stable and robust system to implement than DMX systems.

With DALI drivers no addresses are assigned by us here, the DALI control system on site and commissioning engineers will assign addresses as per your requirements.

Over the years, the DALI protocol has seen many revisions. Though it is ostensibly a common standard that any consortium subscriber can design to; variations have crept in.

We have encountered many instances of supposedly compatible hardware failing to interoperate properly. The only way to ensure perfect compatibility is to test thoroughly in advance. We encourage customers to work with us in advance of ordering to confirm compatibility.