BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

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Over the past few years, together with Xicato and other BLE SIG Mesh adopters, we have investigated and started to implement smart lighting. We believe Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) control has the technical capability to deliver the performance and services everyone in the lighting industry has been waiting for, and more besides.

The journey is far from over but it is already much more than a nice idea. We have already delivered numerous projects across different sectors that prove the reality and highlight the potential. With a truly open source meshed version (BLE SIG Mesh) just around the corner these are very exciting times on the control front.

Real life examples of successful BLE installations include the Van Gogh Museum, Museon den Haag, Wadden Sea Centre, Denmark and Westminster Abbey to name just a few.

Our aim is to briefly outline the benefits and arm you with knowledge of what this technology can bring to your projects.