The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Gallery at Westminster Abbey

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  • Lighting Design: DHA Designs
  • Photography: Alan Williams

DHA Designs brought us in to work on the transformation of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Gallery at Westminster Abbey.

Having had his ‘eureka’ moment whilst drinking whisky on our L+B stand in 2016, Peter Fordham chose to use Bluetooth Low Energy technology across the museum. BLE was built in to our TTX2.70 and TTX2.70.Mini track fittings; they wirelessly communicate with PIR and lux sensors programmed to ensure the limited lux hour budget is never exceeded. Peter gave a fantastic talk at Lux Live 2018 to tell the story of how this amazing project came together.

We're thrilled that the project also won the Best Project award at PLDC 2019. This award is defined as: The intent is to recognise the designer/s of an architectural lighting design project, the quality of which is outstanding and worthy to be recognised as a project that truly demonstrates the importance of designed light for the success of the entire project.