The Hope Sculpture

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  • Artist: Steuart Padwick
  • Lighting Design: Buro Happold
  • Photography: FourFifteen

This is the Hope Sculpture. Created by designer and artist Steuart Padwick as part of Glasgow’s COP26 legacy, the gender, age and race neutral child reaches their arms out to a greener, hopeful future.

Buro Happold were approached to provide a sensitive and environmentally conscious lighting design scheme. They brought us in to deliver the lighting equipment based on our circular credentials and efforts in sustainable manufacture. It’s handy that we’re just along the road too!

One of the main aims of the project was to promote sustainability and environmental care so we were encouraged to reuse existing equipment. The finishes of the samples we provided to Senior Lighting Designer Alexia Gkika were a bit mismatched but that didn’t matter to the performance of the fitting, instead it made a nod to the key design narratives: use of reclaimed materials, upcycled equipment and low embodied carbon content.

In the end we supplied miniature IP66 rated Tadpole spot lights on bespoke arms and a single downlight to sit underneath the cement-free concrete statue. For this we repurposed existing components to create something bespoke for the project.

What was extra special about this project for us was to be involved in the first project to use CIBSE SLL 's Technical Memorandum TM66: Creating a Circular Economy in the Lighting Industry, with Tadpole earning an ‘Excellent circularity’ score.

We are proud to be part of a group of local Scottish companies who have collaborated together to deliver this “gift to Glasgow”.