Rochester Cathedral

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  • Lighting Design: CES Lighting and Electrical Specialists
  • Photography: Nikhilesh Haval

England’s second oldest cathedral has recently had a huge lighting upgrade with lighting design from CES Lighting and Electrical Specialists. Stoane Lighting were called in to manufacture new lighting for multiple areas of Rochester Cathedral.

With over 1400 years of history and countless repair and upgrade work, no corner of this Grade I listed building is the same. For a modern lighting design scheme, this meant clever cable routes and bespoke ways to mount new luminaires.

ZTA features in a number of areas. ZTA and our full product offering are made to order and designed modularly; allowing for easy customisation with mounting, finishes, accessories and more. Many examples of these derivatives can be found on the product pages of our website.

Elsewhere in Rochester Cathedral is Surf Type G. A derivative of Surf Type S developed with Lighting Design International, and now a standard product in its own right, CES used this miniature spot light to illuminate the Saints standing above the Pulpitum.

Parts to repair the old lighting were becoming increasingly difficult to source and is one of the reasons why a decision was made to proceed with the renovation. With repairability built in and a minimum 25 year duty of care, our equipment will be supported long into the future.

Surf Type G’s larger diameter provides a generous output for its small size and also allows for the addition of a louver. This project used two fittings with Very Narrow 10.4º beams to light each of the Saints from under the organ canopy.