Harrods Champagne Bar

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  • Lighting Design: Lighting Design International
  • Photography: Rupert Peace. Courtesy of Sybarite

Moët & Chandon’s largest stand-alone bar in Europe, one of the latest additions to Harrods Beauty, has been designed by Sybarite Architects with the lighting scheme by Lighting Design International.

Nestled in the theatrical central feature is Surf Type G. It’s a new product that shares common components with popular miniature spot light Surf Type S, but was needed here to produce a higher output and fit an antiglare accessory. It’s mounted to a bespoke telescopic stem and is secured by a jack-plug socket for easy installation and maintenance.

ZTA.50 also features in this opulent and dramatic setting, suspended in a bespoke U bracket with a high CRI light source and very narrow beam. Finishes were selected to complement the carefully chosen palette. Colour, together with the unique design language and materiality, intends to evoke pleasure and prestige