Aberdeen Art Gallery

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  • Lighting Design: Speirs Major, Studio MB
  • Showcases: Click Netherfield

The Aberdeen Art Gallery opened in November after a huge refurbishment. Visitors are welcomed through the door by our custom made pendants; true to our belief in local manufacture, these pendants were designed with Speirs and Major before being prototyped and manufactured at our HQ in Edinburgh.

Aberdeen Art Gallery pendants: the making of.

As you step into the first gallery from the main entrance beyond our pendants, you can find Surf Type S hidden inside Click Netherfield's showcases. With lighting design by Edinburgh designers Studio MB, Surf Type S isn't a new product of ours (its genre defining first iteration is 10 years old!) but is still very popular as a miniature, versatile spot light. The technology inside has advanced but it’s clean aesthetic, solid build quality and changeable optics endure. It's perfect for intimate retail or showcase lighting like this.

New “Very Narrow” and “Narrow” optics have been added, producing a 12.7º beam in a fitting so small. Surf Type S has seen many derivative options over the last decade, check out the product page for some inspiration.