4 Pancras Square

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  • Lighting Design: Speirs Major
  • Architect: Eric Parry Architects
  • Photography: Dirk Linder

This is inside the doors of multi-award winning 4 Pancras Square in King’s Cross, London.

Designed by Eric Parry Architects, the wide open “hotel style lobby” entrance way is home to Universal Music. Above it are 10 storeys of office space. The lighting design comes thanks to Speirs Major.

The recessed domes and those you can see suspended as pendants were custom made for the project.

Sustainability was a focus in the development of this new building so even these very high output lights had to be as efficient as possible. There is a single downlight with a 25º beam used to directly illuminate the space below. Up lighting the domes is a marriage of two bespoke PCBs using the same high output chips we use in our linear LED Channel. There are two circuits with 2200K and 4000K, each producing around 4000lm and separately DMX controllable, fitting by fitting. The matt white interior helps to bounce the light back to softly illuminate the large communal spaces.

The Ø1300mm aluminium spinnings are painted in a specially sourced Jet Black finish to match the gloss interior. Each fitting was carefully constructed and packaged individually, ready to be lifted into the ceiling.