True Circular Manufacturing

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Built to last

As is widely understood, the technology inside a luminaire will eventually degrade and some parts may be discontinued or unsupported by their manufacturers. The handmade shell of our products too will age but will not deteriorate in terms of function.

We have always have been firm believers in designing equipment to be robust, to last, to be upgraded, to be repaired and ultimately recycled. MR7 is just one example: this museum specification track mounted spot light was first built over a decade ago. It used an MR16 Halogen lamp and was a technically accomplished product of its time.

10 years on, we have designed an upgrade. Using as many of the same components as possible so as to minimise waste, MR7 can now accept the latest in LED, optical and control technology. Their delivered output is a match yet the power consumption savings is over 30W per fitting.

New equipment

We are continually updating our extensive range of standard products to keep up with the best of emerging technologies and the latest expectations of the world’s most demanding lighting designers.

Most recently we have launched ZTA; a product range offering total flexibility. It is designed to use the least amount of plastic components, minimise waste and to be manufactured as close to our headquarters as possible.

With the same ethos as MR7 and all of our other products, ZTA will too give us options to upgrade its technology in future; as far as possible it has been designed to predict and avoid future obsolescence.

New from old

In our industry, year on year we expect most of the focus to be on new stuff; new gadgets and new technology. Manufacturers are always keen to show their latest creations and to sell new equipment. We expect upcoming marketing efforts to be focussed on responsible manufacture, circular manufacturing and ultimately the environmental impact of what we do.

As a business, we feel it just as important to look backwards and take responsibility for our old products out in the field. This is why MR7 and many other old products are being upgraded instead of replaced, creating new from old. We are not just talking, we are doing.

MR7 is just the start. We are happy to look at any old installations of (Mike) Stoane Lighting equipment to assess opportunities to take the responsible approach and help our specifiers and customers not to buy new.

Perhaps you have a project in mind or have some questions? Please get in touch [email protected].