Lux Review: ZTA

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Alan Tulla looked at track lights this month as part of Lux Magazine's monthly product review. ZTA was given a fantastic 5 stars noting its superior build quality and 'green' philosophy; leading the way in our latest push to produce maintainable, re-manufacturable and recyclable equipment.

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Story of ZTA

ZTA is our latest brand new product range, previewed at our summer Park Event in London and launched in Rotterdam at PLDC 2019. Its intention partly is to address calls from the specifier community to offer a simpler aesthetic. Beyond that, the range is truly agnostic, be that in choice of light source, optic, paint finish, control system or how it’s mounted. Dare we say: future proof.

Many of you know that our approach has always been to design products to last. Mechanically we rarely see issues but as technology continues to develop, we want to be able to extend the life of our equipment. We're aiming higher to demonstrate a responsible approach to manufacturing. That begins by reviewing practices to increase control over sourcing of material and ends when we can produce truly maintainable, re-manufactureable and ultimately; recyclable equipment. We hope you agree that this is a significant first step.