The New Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge

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  • Architect: Níall McLaughlin Architects
  • Lighting Design: Max Fordham LLP
  • Photography: Nick Kane

2022’s RIBA Stirling Prize has been awarded to The New Library, Magdalene College in Cambridge by Níall McLaughlin Architects.

With Max Fordham LLP as lighting designers, Stoane Lighting’s contribution to this project bearing the UK’s most significant prize in architecture, is the hundreds of bespoke luminaires repeated throughout interconnecting spaces.

Pendants drop from the double and triple height ceilings with high CRI warm white light. These and the surface mounted cans nestled between the beams use a soft, wide beam distribution. Bespoke LED Goals were carefully drawn and machined to measure exactly with each bookshelf.

The delicate finish of our pendants, ceiling mounted cans and bookshelf lighting matches the golden oak. Contrasting beautifully with the brick structure, the jury describe the project as “solid and confident”.

Our congratulations to all teams involved in collecting this incredible prize.