Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber

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  • Lighting Design: KSLD | EFLA Lighting Design
  • Photography: David Barbour

13 years after the building opened; the previous fittings in the debating chamber were failing and were unsupported by their manufacturer. We were asked to respond to 3 new alternative concepts; what was installed in summer 2017 is an evolution of one of these designs. 45 hinged “leaf” pendants hang, each from 4 bespoke suspensions incorporating gear pods. From the bespoke extra high output LED strip to the custom extrusion commissioned for the heatsink and spine, every millimetre was a dedicated component. The main panels are CNC milled from 25mm thick clear acrylic down to 2mm at their extremities. Light is distributed by a combination of refraction and reflection. Photometric analysis of a 1:1 prototype ensured that targeted light levels for 4K filming would be met in advance of production.

After 3 years, we were very pleased to finally be able to see the space in all its glory. We love working on projects in our home city of Edinburgh and this one brought to us by KSLD, was special. The project won First Prize for Lighting Design at the Codega Awards 2018, was commended at the Lighting Design Awards 2018 and highly commended at the Scottish Design Awards 2018. Kevan is also talking about the project and “building for the LED future” at PLDC 2019.