Maggie's Centre, Leeds

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  • Lighting Design: Light Bureau
  • Photography: Hufton+Crow

Collaborating with Light Bureau and Heatherwick Studio, we were commissioned to manufacture bespoke luminaires for both the interior structure and exterior landscape of Maggie’s 26th centre in Leeds.

The intention for the interior space was to create a soft and natural environment; we customised our surface mounted STX2.111 fittings to have a bespoke U bracket and lozenge shaped mounting plate to integrate into timber columns.

For the exterior we designed and manufactured bespoke bollards based upon our BPX and Badger Type X fittings. They fit seamlessly into the garden that is inspired by Yorkshire woodlands. Light Bureau say: "Externally, lighting is very much garden-scale and appears unstructured like the planting, but is actually all carefully planned."

Congratulations to all involved for winning joint first place in Best Lighting Design Project at 2020’s FX International Interior Design Awards. Fantastic news!